Why Fireworks?


With the Fourth of July rapidly approaching…only 15 days!!! We thought it was important to answer the question why fireworks with the help from our friends at the American Pyrotechnics Association (APA).

Who doesn’t love fireworks? The bright colors, loud noises, music and smell of sulfur in the air signifying patriotism and bringing exciting entertainment to all. Along with being a great source of entertainment and all around crowd pleaser, fireworks displays are an economic boom for communities.  Fireworks displays draw large crowds and bring millions of dollars to communities each and every year, explains Julie Heckman, Executive Director of the APA, in their article Fireworks Displays Create An Economic Boom for Communities. Click on the link to read more from Julie Heckman and see quotes from cities and towns nationwide.

Here at Melrose we are amping up and preparing for the most exciting weekend of the year and our favorite holiday!!!  We hope everyone has the chance to get out and experience some spectacular fireworks while celebrating Independence Day this year!! And of course be safe doing so!!


Passfire: The Documentary

In the fireworks industry, the term “passfire” represents the passing of fire between the components of a shell. The Passfire documentary, currently in production by the Veverka Bros., is being created to share the global love and passion for fireworks, as well as the cultural significance of fireworks.  The Ververka Bros. are traveling the world to film all aspects of this industry from the manufacturing of shells to the creation of full blown pyromusical productions.  Fireworks are significant for many cultures and are a way of life for many people.  This documentary is being made to showcase fireworks manufactures, who, in some cultures, craft each and every shell by hand, and the passion in this industry, along with the human fascination of fire and pyrotechnics. They have been able to fund this project by asking for backings via Kickstarter and are currently striving to meet their second goal to extend and complete the film.

We are excited for Passfire to be completed. Melrose may even a small part of the film, as they filmed our technicians while setting up for our fireworks display in April of 2013 at the Da Nang International Fireworks Competition in Vietnam.  This is a great opportunity to show our passion and knowledge for fireworks, as well as showcase our talent in fireworks displays and pyromusicals. We can’t wait for the completion of this documentary!

Click here for the teaser trailer and their Kickstarter page