Chinese New Year Celebration

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Celebrate Chinese New Year and the beginning of the Year of the Horse in the City of Chicago with our spectacular fireworks display this Saturday, Feb 1st at 7:30pm!!!

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Chinese New Year Celebration

Happy Chinese New Year!!!


Next Friday, January 31st is the Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year. Chinese celebrations will start on Thursday night (Chinese New Year’s Eve) and conclude with the Lantern festival on February 14th this year.  Firework displays have become an important part of this celebration. This tradition started in ancient China, when bamboo stems were filed with gunpowder to create little explosions.  These explosions were believed to drive away evil spirits.  The tradition continued when firecrackers were manufactured and now full fireworks displays are used to scare away evil spirits and signify a joyful time of year.

Along with the fireworks displays and celebrations, each year on the lunar calendar is represented by a Chinese zodiac that is believed to represent qualities of people born during that lunar year.  January 31st, 2014 will start the year of the Horse.  People born in the years 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014 have the sign of the Horse.  If you fall into this category you are said to be hard-working, very independent, intelligent, successful, wise, talented and perceptive.  Although you may possess these good qualities, you may also be selfish, impatient, unwilling to take advice, and have a weakness for the opposite sex. Do you belong to the Chinese sign of the Horse?

Japan, Japan!!!


Japanese fireworks are some of the best in the world.  Each year, at the end of summer, the Omagari Fireworks Display takes place in Daisen, Japan.  It started in 1910 and has been drawing crowds ever since. Leading Japanese pyrotechnicians join this event to showcase their talents in, not only Creative Fireworks, but chrysanthemum-type fireworks, and daytime fireworks that utilize colorful smoke in the sky. Only highly skilled entrants are allowed to participate. This event is considered the “Olympics of Pyrotechnics” for Japanese display companies.  It brings crowds of over 700,000 people and tickets for the event are highly sought after.  It is a great festival for the community and pyrotechnicians are honored to be a part of this exclusive event.

Although you may think this event is just fireworks, it takes much more to produce these displays.  The fireworks are perfectly choreographed to music and flow in a manner that produces beautiful shows.  Extensive work is put into these fireworks displays, especially when making the shells.  Japanese shell manufacturers carefully produce each and every shell by hand.  This makes Japanese shell quality hard to beat.  The labor that goes into each shell and display is simply amazing.  The Omagari Fireworks Display is a true example of what fireworks can be and the passion put into this industry. For a more in depth look check out this website!!

Welcome Denis O’Regan!!!

Melrose Pyrotechnics, Inc. is proud to announce that we have acquired Denis O’Regan and his company Fireworks Concepts.

With diverse knowledge and abilities, Denis is an artist in various trades. A New Orleans native, he broadened his creative expression to the pyrotechnics industry in 1985. Within a few years, he was working with an international display company. Accomplished in pyromusical design and production management, Denis founded Fireworks Concepts and built a loyal base of special event producers, private, and corporate clients. With 28 years in the industry, Denis is an experienced pyrotechnician, skilled in design, production, and choreography. He has produced shows on three continents, presented seminars on safety and the creative use of pyrotechnics in event production, and won prestigious awards for Technical Production in the special events industry.

We are excited to have Denis as a new Event Producer based in the Mid-Atlantic Region. We welcome him to the Melrose team.





Happy New Year!!

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We hope everyone ended 2013 and started 2014 with a bang this year!! Did you know that before New York City started the famous ball drop, they celebrated NYE with fireworks? In 1904, New York City had Times Square’s very first NYE celebration and fireworks were the main event.

Although China celebrates the New Year depending on the lunar calendar, fireworks have always been a key part to their celebration. For Chinese, the fireworks are more than just loud sounds and bright lights; traditionally, they believe that fireworks scare off evil spirits and bad luck. What could be a better way to ring in the New Year?!

One of our largest fireworks shows this year was held in the great City of Chicago at Navy Pier. Visitors bared the cold to watch a spectacular 15 min pyromusical event at midnight; including music from Pitbull, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Phil Phillips, Imagine Dragons, and One Direction. The show was shot off a barge in Lake Michigan and consisted of effects ranging from low level comets and mines to large caliber aerial shells. It was truly spectacular.

Just in case you missed it, we have put together a 3 minute compilation of a few of the show highlights. Check out this video, Navy Pier NYE 2014, along with many others right here on our Vimeo page!!!

We’re new here!!


Being new to the blogging world, I just want to start with an introduction to our (not so new) pyrotechnics company.

We are a world-class fireworks display company that serves clients throughout the nation and participates in international pyrotechnical events.  Some of our current and past clients include Allstate, Nike, Target, Toyota, Chicago White Sox, Kansas City Royals, Texas Rangers, NASCAR Nextel Cup, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Kane County Cougars, Purdue University, and Make a Wish Foundation.  We have also competed and placed in various international events, some of those being:

  • 1st Place, Da Nang International Fireworks Competition, Da Nang, Vietnam (2013)
  • 2nd Place Jinshan International Beach Music Fireworks Festival, Shanghai, China (2012)
  • 2nd Place, Hanabi World Cup, Nagasaki, Japan (2011)
  • 1st Place, Hanabi World Cup, Nagasaki, Japan (2010)
  • 3rd Place, L’International des Feux Loto-Quebec, Montreal, Canada (2009)
  • 1st Place, Shanghai International Music Fireworks Festival, Shanghai, China (2007)
  • 1st Place, L’International des Feux Loto-Quebec, Montreal, Canada (2006) 

Four generations have dedicated themselves to our company and the passion truly shows in our work.  From step one of planning, to performing the event, all the way through the evaluation of the event; there is never a time we aren’t thinking about our client and their vision.  We produce unmatchable entertainment for spectators all over the world.

Now I know you are probably thinking “fireworks, what’s so special about that?”  Well, we are a unique company and provide much more than fireworks.  We produce exhilarating pyrotechnical and pyromusical displays that will thrill any audience. A great deal of preparation and planning goes into each and every display, large or small, to ensure that spectators are highly entertained each and every show.

Our pyromusical displays start with our soundtrack producer, who creates the perfect soundtrack for the client and their spectators.  Our display choreographers then take the soundtrack and “script” pyrotechnic effects to be synchronized with the music.  Everything is timed perfectly to make for an astonishing event. The show is then performed with the safest and most innovative technology by our team of expert pyrotechnicians.

Whether its introductions to an NBA starting line-up, a Fourth of July party, or a weekly show, we can cater to almost any client and produce the most amazing fireworks displays that your audience has ever seen..

With that being said, we would like to use this blog to keep people up to date on, not only our company, but also, facts, changes and innovations in the pyrotechnics industry.  It is such an interesting industry and it is constantly changing and evolving.  We are passionate about what we do and would love to share our knowledge and expertise with the world.