Happy Opening Day!!

opening day

Baseball and Fireworks!!! What a perfect pair!

 Today marks a great day for all baseball enthusiasts as it is Opening Day 2014. Baseball teams across the country will open up their official 2014 season today and most will start with a bang! Pyrotechnic celebrations will be used across the country tonight and we could not be more excited to be a part of this amazing tradition.

Baseball happens to be deep in our roots here at Melrose.

Let’s flashback to 1958 with the Chicago White Sox;

Bill Veeck, new majority owner of the Chicago White Sox, was known for doing new and sometimes crazy things to get people to the ballpark. In 1959, he called on Anthony Cartolano at Melrose to try something innovative—shooting fireworks for Sox games. What a hit! Fans were thrilled. Sox home attendance reached a record 1.4 million in 1959. The Sox won their first pennant in 40 years. In 1960, Bill Veeck’s vision, along with the expertise of Anthony and the Melrose team, led to another creation—The Exploding Scoreboard. With their imaginative collaboration, Melrose Pyrotechnics began entertaining the audience every home game with a new type of home run celebration never seen before.

Now let’s take a look at the White Sox perspective today;

Nichole Manning, Senior Director of Game Operations for the Chicago White Sox, truly enjoys working with Melrose Pyrotechnics for the fireworks and pyromusical entertainment at the White Sox games. A tradition since 1959, Melrose creates the extra excitement at US Cellular Field that “always gets a great response,” says Manning.

Melrose engineers everything from pre-game barrages to post-game celebrations, according to Manning. In a ballgame, the needs are fluid and require exceptional creativity, she adds. “I love their home run blasts. It’s always easy to pick up and keep moving with the Melrose team.” Manning finds the team “very open, kind, and pleasant. They’re a close-knit group. Melrose is like part of the family,” she says.

Most rewarding for Manning is seeing the reactions from the fans. “I hear people singing along with the music. I look down into the crowd and see people dancing. There’s always a roar of applause,” she says. “Late at night, after the game, you see people staying in their seats, waiting with excitement to watch the post-game show. Thousands of people who live in the neighborhood step out to watch the show, too,” she says.

A rare combination of creativity and precision makes the Melrose approach a true art, feels Manning. “With their precision firing, timing is always right on the mark,” she says, “You could compare it to a dance routine.” With their technology and their knowledge of the tools and techniques for these extravaganzas, she points out, “The Melrose team keeps advancing what they do.”

Baseball, along with pyrotechnics of course, runs in our blood here at Melrose and undoubtedly helped us get to where we are today.  We could not be more excited for the start of this great American sport and look forward to thrilling each and every spectator at every fireworks display this season.

Watch out for our fireworks at the Chicago White Sox Home Opener tonight!!!


Play Ball!!!

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