APA? What’s the APA??


Explosives…Black Powder…Fire!

What else do you need in the pyrotechnics industry?  Well, other than copious amounts of hard work, passion and dedication, you need the American Pyrotechnics Association (APA).  The APA was established in 1948 and formed by leading fireworks manufacturers as a way to come together to address industry wide issues in a way that benefited all companies in the industry.

With pyrotechnics, safety always comes first and the APA makes sure of this.  Their mission is to not only provide information and support to its members, but also, to encourage safety in design and use of fireworks as well as promoting regulation of the entire industry.  They do this by working year round with the Department of Transportation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. They serve as our voice in this highly regulated industry!

While the APA was created as a form of regulation for the pyrotechnics industry, they strive to develop codes and standards in a way that promotes safety, but does not place too much restriction on the industry. Along with being our voice, they provide all members with technical, regulatory and legal expertise, as well as safety and training information in the constantly changing environment of this industry.

The APA works hard to improve this industry and invest in its future.  We here at Melrose Pyrotechnics are happy to be part of such a great association and can’t imagine where the industry might stand without the American Pyrotechnics Association today.

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