Picture this…You are in the heart of Valencia, Spain and all of a sudden loud bangs and flashes of light begin, all coming from inside of a metal cage. This is no mistake, it is known as a mascletà.

Today marks the 3rd day of Las Fallas in Valencia, Spain.  As promised we wanted to highlight one of the most important events of this festival, the mascletàs.

Pyrotechnicians from the city set up and perform these each day, March 1st-19th.  While most fireworks focus on the appeal to sight, mascletàs are aimed at stimulating people through rhythmic noises.   They are all contained in a metal cage that a crowd of people surround for the first 19 days of March in Valencia at 2pm.

Firecrackers, or masclets, are hung by strings and set up in a way to make these rhythms and perfectly choreographed explosions and sounds.  A mascletà typically has four parts to it.  The first part is the opening, in which the sound and visual effects begin.  This part is less intense than the rest of the show and short in duration.  The body of the show builds with intensity and volume.  The third part of the show, or earthquake, is the most intense.  At this point numerous lines of masclets are exploding at the same time and increasing in intensity.  The final stage is more aerial than the rest and increases in intensity.  It involves more color than previous parts of the show and ends with deafening sound.  Smoke and the smell of gunpowder fill the air and the crowd goes wild.



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