Las Fallas

Tomorrow starts a traditional festival of Las Fallas in Valencia, Spain.  This festival dates back to the middle ages and pyrotechnics play a huge role throughout the entire festival.  During the middle ages, excess winter supplies were burned as a sort of spring cleaning marking the start of the season. The spring season brought on more sunlight, which replaced candle light. Carpenters and artisans burned the wood pieces, called parots,  that they used as wick holders through the fall and winter months.  This tradition kept growing and the festival of Las Fallas was created.

This festival is held March 15-19th every year in Spain.  It consists of daily wake up calls known as despertà given by the Falleros at dawn.  How do you wake up an entire town? By throwing hundreds of tró de bac (local firecrackers) at the ground.  These loud noises are sure to wake up the streets.  Then in the early afternoon of each day the mascletàs take place (stay tuned for more information on this loud pyrotechnic event).  More exciting pyrotechnic shows take place each night leading up to the Nit del Foc or Night of Fire.  This happens in the night between the 18th and 19th and combines color, light, fire, and explosion to create a spectacular display of pyrotechnics.  All of these events lead up to the final day of Fallas, which ends with the Cabalgata del Ninot or Fire Parade in the streets of Valencia.

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