Picture Perfect


Fireworks are special in the moment and photography rarely does them justice, but don’t you wish you could capture that perfect shot and hold on to that moment forever?  Well, it can be done!  Below are a list of tips and tricks for photographing fireworks from Kodak:


Always be sure that no trees, buildings, people, or other objects are obstructing your view.  With crowds of people, it will be difficult to move around, so choose a good viewing area from the start.

Use a tripod and remote

Use of a tripod and remote will eliminate and unnecessary movement and allow for sharper shots.

Film a sequence

Utilize the burst mode on a camera to ensure the capture of the entire lifespan of a firework.  This will not only capture the best shot, but give options when searching for the perfect picture.  Fireworks change color, size and effect throughout the shot making burst mode the best option for capturing the entire fireworks display.

Beat blur

Use blur to your advantage by adjusting your camera’s manual mode to a low shutter speed.  This will create a light trail effect that will enhance fireworks pictures.

We love capturing spectacular pictures that display our passion and talent for pyrotechnics and hope these tips will help you to catch the picture perfect moment.

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